what happened?

A really creepy update called “John’s birthday” on Paradox Space… Its… very disturbing in every way.

What the actual fuck was that O_O

I don’t know about you guys, but this shit is getting kinda creepy and reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally not funny.

Happy Easter everyone!

Happy Easter everyone!

Happy birthday to my boyfriend, Simplyvladimir! (go wish him a good one btw!)

Made him Murloc cake (everything home-made including icing!) and did a Jinx drawing.

Another Happy Birthday


Greetings, my friends! I’m turning 25 tomorrow! If any of you want to wish me a happy birthday, you can support me by buying any of the things that  I have for sale or make a commission!


I also have followings items for sale:






Anonymous asked "Please scans your doujinshis for all Reibert fans ;w;!"

I’m sorry dear anon, I don’t have a scanner ;^;

Another sketch commission for Sudrien!So sorry I made you wait for so long TT__TT

Another sketch commission for Sudrien!

So sorry I made you wait for so long TT__TT

Anonymous asked "Caring about writing style is kind of picky, don't you think? If these are being approved by the right people, what does it matter?"
Posted 1 week ago / 5 notes #Anonymous

Sadly writing style is extremely important for Homestuck :( It’s not just “writing style”, he speaks absolutely out of character. Also I don’t think it’s being approved by anyone… 

Posted 1 week ago / 1 note #hinagase
sober gamzee

Sober Gamzee talks in CAPSLOCK. and then in lower case. Nothing like that’s in the comic.

Posted 1 week ago / 7 notes #paradox space

wHy Is GaMzEe NoT tAlKiNg In HiS uSuAl StYlE… :o(

Seriously, “fucking” instead of “motherfucking” too… This is too ooc.

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